Business Consultancy

We help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing thing both in private firms and public sector our Consultancy firm offer services across all areas of business ranging from HR and marketing, to IT and finance. Our broad span of consulting work makes us open to high prospect, variety of projects, challenges and opportunities for business development.

We offer the following services:

  • Business Coaching: At Eagsl we guide our client through the different points, methodologies, philosophies, and ideologies required for attaining the targeted goals for business growth. We guide, hold accountable, alter and pare down perspective or mindset in order to help get through real or imagined constraints.

  • Development and preparation of business strategies and plans to aid financing, for product development, corporate development, human resources, marketing, and other planning

  • Technical, commercial, or full due diligence, for underwriters, venture capitalists, other potential investors

  • For companies to determine viability/value of potential licensed technologies

  • Business, competitive and financial analyses; opportunity/commercial assessments

  • To determine economic viability

  • For business/product planning

  • For strategic alliances