EAGS LIMITED is experienced in navigating in between to achieve the best possible result for every client; since positive result is all we are concern about.

EAGSL had worked exclusively with the Fashion and modeling industry for years, prior to starting consult with events coverage and management, V-Logging and blogging of Icons in the Fashion world. Our most transferable role was as the media marketing manager for a Notable Fashion, IT brands, with national responsibility, where we truly learned how to use a brands strengths to leverage success.

Attention to detail and access to expansive network ensure successful project execution, on time, within budget, and always with profitable results.

From building communications strategies, to executing press previews and crafting stories about your brand, EAGSL Media helps brands flourish, get noticed by press and influencers, and have happy clients visiting time and again. Clients have been featured in and on Fashion Instinct Model Institute, West Africa Fashion Award (WAFA), Face of West Africa Show, Fashion Uncult Media, to name a few.


We will gladly work with various responsible department that will make the marketing zeal of your company work well.

Taking several approaches, we can make it easy and convenient to make possible for ease of doing business with media marketing.

  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Media Relations
  • Website Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Sponsorship & Brand Partnership Strategy
  • Photo shoot planning, video interviews styling and execution

How we can work together


Your brand is greater than the sum of its parts. Your branding team should be as well. By looking at your brand holistically through PR Communications we will help craft a strategy that ensures Brand Synergy.

By combining the services of our great and highly experienced team, we will see your brand from every angle so your customer experience is consistent and thoroughly engaging. We will create and execute solutions that will get eyes on your brand, get people interested and make you top of mind for your customer. Ensuring your success and helping your bottom line.

We are committed to the brands we chose to work with, and we breathe those brands, usually even before establishing a professional relationship. We only work with people and brands we believe in, brands that are in line with our own personal core goals and values. This is the key to our success, and our belief is your benefit. We approach branding and communications from a personal perspective. That is, your perspective. We work closely with you to discover who you are, and what you want and need (and importantly understanding the difference). Then, we develop solutions that help grow your brand and get tangible results.